Lyceum is a half-yearly open access online only international e-journal of the Department of English, School of Literature, Language and Culture Studies, Bankura University, Bankura, West Bengal, India.  

Launched in October 2017, it aims to publish original scholarly articles on interdisciplinary areas in Humanities through double blind peer reviews; as also book reviews and creative writings.

Aiming to promote new critical thought, the journal will act as an interdisciplinary forum for exciting and high-quality work from researchers all over the world.

All issues shall be theme based highlighting recent trends in interdisciplinary research in Humanities. 

The journal derives its name from Lyceum (Ancient Greek: Λύκειον, Lykeion) which was a temple dedicated to Apollo Lyceus or the wolf-god. The Lyceum in ancient Greece was a site of philosophical discussions used by such eminent philosophers and teachers like Prodicus of Ceos, Protagoras, Isocrates, Plato (of The Academy), Socrates, etc. More famously, The Lyceum is the Peripatetic school founded in 334 BCE by Aristotle on his return from Asia and continued by Theophrastus after Aristotle’s exile.

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