Format of Research Paper / Scholarly Article

Full title with the subtitle, if any

Garamond font, Size 14, Bold (not in Capital letters)

Name and affiliation of the author/s, Bio-note

In separate sheet


about 100-150 words with Keywords, in a Separate Sheet

Main body of the paper / article

Garamond font, Size 12 and Justified

word limit

3500 to 6000 words


2.54cm margins all around (top, bottom, left & right) i.e. Word default

Paper size



Body text: Double line spacing. Reference List: 1.5 spacing with hanging first line.


Do not leave lines between paragraphs. Instead, indent the first line of each paragraph with one tab space.


Quotations of 40 words or more should be separated from the paragraph with one line space at the top and bottom, and indented from the left margin. No quotation marks should be used for indented quotations.

Quotations of less than 40 words should be framed by double quotation marks and kept within the paragraph text. Single marks are to be used for enclosing quotations within quotations. Closing punctuation should be shown outside the quotation marks unless it belongs to the quoted text.

Italics should not be used on quotations, except where the original quotation was already in italics.


Dates in the text and in the notes should be written in full: 3 September 1939


Numbers should be written in full to ten, and should have no comma to 9999 but then should be 10,000 and so on.


Abbreviated forms such as USA should not use full stops between individual letters.


Underlining is used only for website URLs.


Refer to MLA guidelines for level of headings. No widow headings.

Tables and Figures

Follow APA guidelines for formatting and labels. For notes underneath, use single spacing and double hard return before the body text.


Send as MSWord attachment by email

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